13 May 2017, Beyond Words Festival: Ananda Devi & Emmanuelle Pagano in Conversation, Institut Français, London

Image from  Beyond Words Lit Fest , 2017

Image from Beyond Words Lit Fest, 2017

We are thrilled to announce that Ananda Devi is coming to the InstitutFrancaisLondon on May 13th 2017 for the brand new series of literary and art events Beyond Words Festival! Book your tickets at www.beyondwordsfest.co.uk

In a talk chaired by translator and editor Sophie Lewis, Ananda Devi will speak about her novel Eve out of Her Ruins (Les Fugitives/CB editions), in conversation with fellow author Emmanuelle Pagano (Trysting, tr. by Sophie Lewis & Jennifer Higgins). Tango will with the common thread theme of their conversation, assorted with readings of excerpts in French and in English.

Why tango? The question of the interaction between men and women is very much present in both Devi and Pagano's books. It is often problematic, sometimes to the point of violence, which is in keeping with the spirit of tango. In Pagano's work the idea of a choregraphy between the bodies of the lovers is fundamental: it can be seen through the way that look at each other or even through small gestures of affection, which become highly symbolical. In Devi's work, the atmosphere is one of physical attraction and of fascination, notably the fascination a strong young woman can generate in her male counterparts, who can never fully possess her.