Published on 24 Sept. 2018 180x120 paperback original with French flaps £12.OO RRP ISBN 978-0-9930093-8-9

Published on 24 Sept. 2018
180x120 paperback original with French flaps £12.OO RRP
ISBN 978-0-9930093-8-9



'Bourgeois speaks to herself in fragments and snatches; we’re in her head. We see her desire to speak, her reluctance to speak, her moments of rage, her self-possession when faced with overwhelming feelings'. Louise Bourgeois as I Knew Her, Jean Frémon, Granta, 31 May 2018

‘The spider woman, the intellectual, the rebel, the sly enchantress, and the good girl sing together in this exuberant, lithe text beautifully translated by Cole Swensen. There is something uncanny at play in this small book, something I don’t fully grasp, but I suspect that elusive, haunted excess may be exactly why I love it. ’ Siri Hustvedt

Now, Now Louison draws the reader in with all of the monstrous elegance of a spider, capturing us in the fine web of the creative process, and revealing, with biting wit and lyrical style, the ego, and sacrifices it takes to make monumental work.’ Preti Taneja, author of We that are young
‘The life of Louise Bourgeois is rendered in ellipsis, quick brush strokes, and a mix of associations of ideas
and of sensations waltzing with chronology. A highly original, sensitive text.’– Libération

‘Jean Frémon brings Louise Bourgeois close up into a fascinating and moving proximity.’– ArtPress

‘Jean Frémon is a wholly singular artist, a writer who lives in the radiant zone where poetry, philosophy and storytelling meet.’ – Paul Auster

Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010) talks, talks to herself, reviewing the scraps of her long life in all their disorder. 
This is the portrait, from memory, of a woman who devoted her life to her art, a life that was also the life
of the century. The art world’s grande dame and its shameless old lady, spinning personal history into works of profound strangeness, speaks out with her characteristic insolence and wit, through a most discrete, masterful writer. From her childhood in France to her exile and adult life in America, to her death; through the moods, barbs, resentments, reservations and back, at full speed – this is a phosphorescent poem-in-prose describing Bourgeois’s inner life as only one artist regarding another can. 

·       An ideal short text to introduce readers to one of the greatest artists of our time
and reveal her to those who know her work already.

·       A deeply feminist book by a seventy-two-year-old male author.