On Blue Self-Portrait:

'Schoenberg’s music, Thomas Mann’s writing and the aftermath of Nazism overlap in an ingenious novel brimming with ideas', Eimear McBride, Guardian, June 2019
'This is a somewhat difficult book to characterise.' Rebecca Foster, Nudge Book, 10 June 2017
'Read something literary, something deep. Go go go.' Scott Manley Hadley, Triumph of the Now, June 2017


On Eve out of Her Ruins:

Love and despair in paradise, Laura Farmer, The Gazette, 8 January 2017
...a quietly harrowing portrait of the moral toxicity of groupthink, and the insidious banality of gendered violence, Houman Barekat, The New Internationalist, October 2016
Eve out of Her Ruins - recommended by Adam Hocker, Albertine Books, 30 October 2016

Three Percent BTBA Favorites So Far by Jennifer Croft, 27 October 2016
Growing up in Ananda Devi's novel about Mauritian teens, Matthew Adams, The National (Abu Dhabi Media), 13 October 2016

Teenage lust amid the tropical heat and dust, Deborah Smith, Guardian, 30 September 2016
Every Eve is born in writing, Anjuli Raza Kolb, Bookforum, 16 September 2016

On Suite for Barbara Loden:

Booze, pathos, and passivity in Suite for Barbara Loden, Brandon Soderberg, City Paper, Baltimore, USA, 25 January 2017
Top 10 books about wild women, The Guardian, 11 January 2017

Barbara Loden: A Woman Telling Her Own Story Through That of Another Woman, Richard Brody, The New Yorker, November 2016
New Books, Christine Smallwood, Harper's Magazine, October 2016
Cinema on the page: Suite for Barbara Loden, online exclusive by Jonathan Gibbs, The White Review, May 2016
‘…inventive and affecting. It takes both the novel and the biography to new and interesting places.’ Eimear McBride, Guardian Books of the Year, 28 November 2015
Jonathan Gibbs’ Book of the Year, Tiny Camels, 8 December 2015
Review 31′s Best Novels of 2015, Dominic Jaeckle, Review 31, December 2015
Recently Read: Nathalie Léger & Roger Grenier by Terry Pitts, Vertigo, 9 June 2015
Suite for Barbara Loden by Amanda de Marco, The Rumpus, 2 June 2015
David Collard, Times Literary Supplement, 22 May 2015
A Miniature Model of Modernity: Suite for Barbara Loden by Jenny McPheeBookslut April 2015
Wanda: Book of the Film by Anna GoodallOriginal Cine, 31 March 2015
Nathalie Léger’s Suite for Barbara Loden by K. Thomas Kahn, Music & Literature, 10 March 2015