Front cover photograph: VIVIAN MAIER, Self-portrait, New York, NY, 1955 © Estate of Vivian Maier, Courtesy of Maloof Collection and Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York


Sylvie Weil
Translated by Ros Schwartz
160 pages, paperback with French flaps, isbn 978-1-9993318-2-5

Publication: 25 June 2019

Taking selfies is not the exclusive preserve of millennials.

In Selfies, Sylvie Weil gives a playful twist to the concept of self-representation: taking her cue from self-portraits by women artists, ranging from the 13th c. through the Renaissance to Frida Kahlo and Vivian Maier, Weil has written a memoir in pieces, that is yet unified. Each picture acts as a portal to a significant moment from Weil’s own life and sparks anecdotes tangentially touching on topical issues, from the Palestinian question to the pain of a mother witnessing her son’s psychotic breakdown, to the subtle manifestations of anti-Semitism, to ageism, genetics and a Jewish dog...

‘A beguiling series of vignettes, by turns wry, amusing and disturbing, inspired by self-portraits by women artists and reflecting on the images they provoke. An illuminating survey of the author’s various identities, in a fractured world, as mother, lover and writer.’ – Michèle Roberts