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A Respectable Occupation
by Julia Kerninon
Trans. Ruth Diver
With a foreword by Lauren Elkin

Kerninon's nano-autobiography begins at five and a half years of age when, dressed in a leopard-skin coat, she made the decision to become an author. Entwining the French and English literary traditions, this is an ode to writing, and to reading.

The Fool (and other moral tales)
by Anne Serre
Trans. Mark Hutchinson

The Fool
‘may have stepped out of a tarot pack: I came across this little figure rather late in life. Not being familiar with playing cards, still less with the tarot, I was a bit uncomfortable when I first set eyes on him. I believe in magic figures and distrust them—a figure observing you can turn the world upside down.’ 

Little Dancer Aged Fourteen
by Camille Laurens
Trans. Willard Wood

This absorbing, heartfelt work uncovers the story of the real dancer behind Degas’s now-iconic sculpture, and the struggles of late nineteenth-century Parisian life. Drawing on a wealth of historical material as well as her own love of ballet and personal experiences of loss, Camille Laurens presents a compelling, compassionate portrait of Marie van Goethem and the world she inhabited that shows the importance of those who have traditionally been overlooked in the study of art.

La Robe Blanche
by Nathalie Léger
Trans. Natasha Lehrer

Inspired by the Italian feminist and performance artist Pippa Bacca, who tragically died while hitchhiking internationally in Europe to promote world peace under the motto, ‘marriage between different peoples and nations’, symbolically wearing a wedding dress during her trek. In this incandescent short book, Léger closes the third part of a trilogy begun with Suite for Barbara Loden.