US election, half a year on

Translators' words, written in the wake of the US election

The US election has put a new responsibility on us as translators and publishers to stand up to misogyny and bigotry and misinformation.

"It is in times like this when we most need stories that open windows into other spaces and other lives. It would not be unreasonable to read Eve Out of Her Ruins as an allegory of these various populist movements. There's the same seductive resistance to authority, that same adolescent insistence on destructive, romantic rebellion. But then comes the more difficult question: how does Eve go forward into a better life after escaping and bringing down the various forces that held her back and hurt her? How does any country move forward after saying 'no' and casting aside the framework that had, however imperfectly, kept it on a steady course? It is one thing to want change, but it is another to see change through to a new reality.

It's only one of many possible readings that could be applied to Eve--the fact is that I had never thought about the book and the story in such terms until this election came around."
— Jeffrey Zuckerman, translator of Eve out of Her Ruins